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About Prayers

Jewish prayers are by far more than just phrases to be repeated. They imply a world vision, a compromise with God and ourselves.

Praying in Hebrew is not mandatory. Jews can pray in any language. For centuries women were expected to pray only in Yiddish and many prayer books where created for this purpose. Still, for those who want to pray in the midst of a minyen or in a larger community, Hebrew "Leshon Hakodesh" (the Holy Tongue), will be the language of choice.

About Learning Prayers

We are providing you a way to help you learn, by "simultaneous synchronized, seeing and hearing Hebrew" word(s) in three layers. Thus you will be able to learn the meaning of each word and be able to pronounce each word correctly, whether you read it from the Hebrew or the transliteration.

While the words are literal translations, you will be able to understand the prayer and subconsciously learn Hebrew words.

Print the prayer

You will be able to print each prayer for learning and reciting away from the computer. Even if you can't read the Hebrew characters, you can read the transliterated words with correct pronunciations. If you wish to say a prayer at Shabbat or some other event, the printed prayer can be used to help you. Eventually you can memorize the shorter prayers.