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The Letters - Vowels

The English vowels are a, e, i,o ,u

4 3 2 1  
O 1 E A The Vowel
(o) (ih) (eh) (ah) The Sound
bold Liter Lemon Father As in

8 7 6 5  
Oi Ei Ai U The Vowel
(oy) the letter "a" sound the letter "i" sound (oo) The Sound
oil /Boil Veil Aisle/chai Super As in

Above are the 8 sounds to be used in the Hebrew language.

  1. In English the vowels are letters from the English alphabet. In Hebrew the vowels are signs made out of dashes and dots, except two letters - the vavvavand the yodyodthat are used as vowels too.

  2. In English the vowels may appear anywhere in the word.

    A good example is: Europe, where the vowels Eu appear together at the beginning of the word and before a consonant.The vowel o appears in the middle of two consonants. And, the vowel e appears at the and of the word.

    In Hebrew most of the vowels are underneath the consonants.

  3. In English each vowel has more than one sound (short and long).

    In Hebrew each vowel has one sound only.

  4. In English one vowel can represent several sounds.

In Hebrew one sound can be represented by several vowel signs.

In Hebrew: For each sound there is more than one vowel sign. There are: "Group Sound Signs". Each group represents the same sound.

So let's find out what the signs are which sounds they represent.